What's in a Bean?

We’re redefining how it looks and feels to be your own boss! Every Bean in our community decides which projects they are open to before clients can view their profiles—kind of like a dating site, but for professionals and projects in accounting and finance.


You have one of these or are actively pursuing one


You have achieved top-level positions in public accounting or private industry


You have worked in the field for at least 3 years

Character Traits

You are adaptable, resilient, and a strong leader and communicator

Flexibility matters.

Growth matters.

That's you, now what?

In order to maintain our quality, only the top professionals are eligible to be Beans.

Bean is proud to partner with Digits!, a company committed to empowering accountants by building them tools so powerful, you’ll think they stole them from the future.

Every accountant on Bean receives FREE access to Digits.

We share a ♥️ for accountants.

Bean has allowed me the freedom to explore the beauties of life while still being able to make a comfortable and secure living for myself. At Bean it is clear that hard work beats out more work. This company has given me the ability to take back ownership of my time and I believe this business model will set the precedent for all future jobs in the accounting industry.
Within less than two weeks, I was matched with a project that gave me great exposure and helped strengthen my skillset. The appealing and user-friendly platform streamlines all aspects of project management: timekeeping; billing; disbursements; and allows professional development with scheduled reviews throughout projects. The Experienced Team at Bean has a strong background and has created a recipe for success.